Our Approach

The majority of our work is focused on building new homes. With an extensively trained, highly experienced and skilled workforce we work together as a team to achieve not only beautiful homes but also a safe environment to build these homes in. 

Incredible architectural vision.... We always set out to achieve planning permission for a scheme we believe meets the needs of the customers, in particular we know families like large living areas and kitchens. Through our architects we work closely to design a house which flows as a home should, with rooms which are accessible and well laid out, and featuring bedrooms with en-suites which blend naturally into the space.

Our Directors always review the design of each and every house to ensure every aspect is up to the Willow Walk standard. In particular how a house needs to work accommodate everyone, including space for little ones to run and play which we all know is vital to a happy child! Making a home safe and spacious is a must for any new home built by Willow Walk Homes. 

A tailored approach... being a developer of many new homes and with many satisfied customers,  our Directors are focused on ensuring the homes are built to the exacting standards of Willow Walk. We understand that individuals like to add their own elements to their new homes and for this reason we remain flexible to allow buyers to become part of the build process. We open up a range of options for how your new home is finished, from bespoke kitchens and bathrooms to flooring and lighting. 

Where homes have already been completed, we ensure that each and every one is specified with a range of high quality finishes selected carefully by our Directors It’s not always easy to please everyone but each home is tastefully completed and finished to the highest quality, and if you don’t like a particular style we will do our best to change this for you.


With a range of modern fittings and environmentally considerate construction methods, Willow Walk Homes has developed a highly sustainable system for each home. 

Using timber frames rather than traditional bricks and blocks, the wineries structure is designed and built using a naturally sustainable material which also provides incredible results. 

From the very start of construction of homes and through whole life-cycle, we are always focused on minimising the long-term future running costs for new owners. 

Further, in some specified developments, we have omitted  traditional oil or gas burning boilers in favour of air or ground source heat pumps and solar panels to reduce utility bills. We’re keen to do our bit to lower carbon emissions and running costs for our home owners.

With electric vehicles growing in demand, all new houses are fitted with external car charging ports to encourage their use and make it easy for you to consider purchasing one! 

Smart homes

With the growing demand for automated smart homes, we can install systems which take their lead from smart devices. This can include lighting systems, automated blinds, integrating speakers to allow music in each room, and the control of heating and hot water.


We deliver on a schedule, as we know how important timing is when purchasing a house and how disappointing delays can be. At Willow Walk Homes we have an excellent track record for delivering on time. We provide deadlines which we know are achievable and if anything doesn’t go according to plan, we will let you know immediately. 

Careful scheduling is the key to a well run development. Using detailed software and a hands-on approach from our Directors, we are always on site to oversee and facilitate progress. We will ensure a smooth journey to complete a home to the correct standard without cutting corners. 

We always carefully check and plan and then check over and over again until we are fully satisfied. We know this delivers high quality results and ultimately satisfied owners

Quality & Service

Choosing a Willow Walk Home means opting for certainty on quality. The guarantee that your house has been built to a standard, using only the best quality materials which are known to perform and last. 

Combined with excellent workmanship our houses are a product of excellent workmanship and care during construction. The service we give each and every owner is second to none. You can have the peace of mind that your home has been built to an exceptional standard and has been tailored to you. With a long lasting after care package to back it all up.

Our Sustainable Approach

Building a home to last is a responsibility to not only buyers but also the environment. At Willow Walk Homes we take great pride in designing and building homes with excellent SAP ratings - meaning they have a very low carbon footprint which also means lower household bills. In our construction we use sustainable timber frames and locally sourced materials, increase insulation thicknesses and incorporate new renewable technology. The environment is at the core of everything we deliver.